Port Angeles Airsoft

Port Angeles is a great place for airsoft.  Our natural vegetation makes great cover and works well for concealment.  Mountains on one side, and salt water on the other, we have a nice variety of places to get out into the woods.  Douglas Firs and sword ferns make great places to hide from your opponent.  The various fields we have access to range from muddy riverbeds, large open gravel pits with sage brush, to old growth forests with fern undergrowth.  It’s a great place to play!

One thought on “Port Angeles Airsoft

  1. I live in Port Angeles and was wondering where the near by fields are the only one I know of is “Weekend Warriors Paintball” HELP PLEASE Ive got lots of friends who want to know as well…. (i am 13 but I at least consider myself extremely good, I slaughter my friends at this!)

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