One vs Many – Airsoft Strategy

So you’ve ended up one lone gunner verses multiple enemies.  What do you do now?   First off, don’t panic, you can win this.  Just because you are outgunned 5 to 1, you can still win.

After not panicking, the next thing you need to do is get a bearing on your surroundings.  Are you still hidden?  Do the other guys know where you are?  How many of them do you know are still alive?  Once you have taken stock of these factors, figure out if there is a spot you can pull back you can take them out one at a time.  No?  They know where you are and are advancing on your location as you think this through?  Can you defend the spot you are and take out 1 or 2 of them?  If so stay and try to get a few, if not get ready to run.  Either spray and run, or just run.  Running is  a great option.  If they try to chase they will be giving their location away.  If they try to shoot they will likely miss you and you will be able to find a good ambush spot.

Do not be afraid to fire and retreat multiple times, they will try something stupid eventually.  Never try to fight a fight you know you can’t win, unless you know there are reinforcements on the way.

If you run out of space to run, you’ll need to try something a little more drastic.  Maybe try to trick the enemy.  Leave your primary somewhere with your hat at a tree and move to a different location with your sidearm ready.  You might be leaving yourself with little chance, but better than none.

Overall your best bet is retreating as much as possible.  One vs many is a tough place to be, especially if your location is known.

One thought on “One vs Many – Airsoft Strategy

  1. When finding yourself sole survivor you also need to consider the mission. Are you in defense? Do you need to hold your ground? Are you carrying a sensitive package, or information the enemy needs to complete their mission? If this is an attack on a fortified position, can you manuever on the position from a blind spot? Is this simple elimination and you just need to stay alive as long as possible? Is there a timer?
    Just because you are the last man standing is no good reason to choose to fail in your objective. There is only victory or death. Failing that, you may as well surrender or suicide.

    Another important factor in lone survival is to not let yourself get cornered. Superior numbers will often try to outflank or surround a lone player. If you find yourself in such a trap, you need a way out, and fast. If there is enough gap between enemies, try and make a run for it to get past their perimeter. If not, charge one them, and break out. Either you will kill that enemy, or they will be forced to take cover from your fire and leave you a gap to escape through. Better still, as you charge that part of their line, the enemy runs the risk of hitting their teammate, which may cause them to fire conservqtively.

    The worst thing that can happen when stuck alone is to run out of ammo. If you know the field well, and noone is going to gank your equipment, leave it behind. a 12 pound log is not a good thing to try and maneuver with if it can’t score a kill. If you have a pistol, use it.
    Nearly as important is not letting the enemy know that you are low or out of ammo. Be careful firing your weapon if it is empty, many people can tell the difference in sound. Always be selective on your shots if caught alone. Not only will this make your ammo reserves last longer, the enemy cannot be certain whether you are low or not.

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