Olympic Peninsula Airsoft

Washington airsoft in and around the Olympic Peninsula is alive and well! Various teams on the peninsula, including Delta Seven, found in Port Angeles, and other local teams from the PA/ Sequim area. Our friends at Battlesim can found in Tacoma, WA and a few other teams in the Kitsap / Bremerton area are playing regularly. If you would like more information about airsoft in western washington, send an email to deltaseven@live.com. See you on the field of battle!

2 thoughts on “Olympic Peninsula Airsoft

  1. If you are interested in coming out and playing with us, we are always interested in getting more people. The more the merrier, and more people to shoot at.

  2. I play with a group of guys that call them selves NATC. I am in poulsbo WA over here in kitsap county. I know a few guys from Squeim WA. ttyl.

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