New Field

We have a new field located in the Joyce area. This is a private field, which means that in the future we will start hosting events there. Signing of waivers will be required prior to play. The field itself is about 20 acres that consists of roads, woodland, and some open fields. We are going to start work on this field in the next month, which involves clean up and construction of bunkers, trenches, fox holes, ect. Will be posting pictures and updates soon.

One thought on “New Field

  1. This field (20+ acres) will take 50 players or more. We will have a chrono set up, and some basic rules for the good of all. If and when we do charge for large events keep in mind any money we make we are just putting back in to the sport, with claymores, grenades, and other props and improvements to the field and game play. (So if you put out money, and keep coming, chances are you’ll get to see some cool things happen)

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